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We believe that being a successful insurance agent means not only understanding the details of the plans you have available to you, but also understanding who your market is and how to reach them. Our free monthly webinars share our marketing tips to help agents succeed.

Learn about and register for our next webinar here! View past webinars via the links below:

How to cover church groups/short-term missionary trips this summer!

05/29/13 | 21 minutes | Click to view
By attending this webinar, you’ll learn how we go about creating sales leads for missionary, church and volunteer groups. You’ll also learn:

  • What plans work best for which group
  • Using Social Media and Search to find mission and volunteer organizations that need your help today
  • A free sample message to engage and interact with new prospects

The Best Individual Dental Plan Ever…Again!

04/24/13 | 8 minutes | Click to view
By attending this webinar, you’ll learn the NEW information that we have for you about the best dental plan we have ever had!:

  • New states that were added
  • A break down of the rate sheets
  • How to sell this plan and what you need to know

Internet Marketing 101!

03/27/13 | 27 minutes | Click to view
By attending this webinar, you’ll learn how to spend less time and money marketing – and you’ll learn 3 easy ways to begin attracting business today (no website required):

  • In less than 30 minutes, potential customers can find you on Google and Bing
  • How to rank in the top 3 on Google with customer reviews
  • Do you know how to use social media to increase your referrals?  We’ll show you how

The Best Individual Dental Plan Ever!

02/27/13 | 31 minutes | Click to view
By attending this webinar, you will have the opportunity to learn about our BRAND NEW United Dental Vision plan. It’s an individual dental plan we can finally smile about. Benefits you’ll discover about the plan are:

  • No networks! Choose any dentist!
  • No waiting periods for fillings, extractions and x-rays!
  • Optional 9-month commission advances!

Allow ISA To Help You Make $$$ Internationally!

01/30/13 | 30 minutes | Click to view
I’m sure you’ve heard the term “out of sight, out of mind”. As we start this new year, don’t let this happen to you regarding International Health and Travel Insurance! This webinar will cover the benefits, such as:

  • They are not affected by the Healthcare Reform
  • There is a huge market for these plans (6.1% overseas travel increase from 2011 to 2012 with over 24.2 million for just US travelers)
  • They are easy to sell which makes them website worthy

Don’t Be Scared to Write Your First International Case

10/31/12 | 33 minutes | Click to view
Our agents have recently realized the benefit of being able to sell international health and travel insurance. So why the hesitation to actually write that first case? This webinar addresses some of our fears head on:

  • Pop Quiz! Do you know which plan is best?
  • Demonstrations on getting a quote and accessing personalized quoting links
  • How to use Google Alerts to search for leads
  • E-marketing ideas for reaching out to your clients

Setting Up Your Own E-Newsletter

9/26/12 | 52 minutes | Click to view
Following up with clients on a consistent basis is very important! Do it quickly and inexpensively with e-marketing techniques, like sending your own e-newsletter.

Wow, I just listened to the webinar on how to use e-mail marketing. I had signed up for the free trial offer from Constant Contact and even uploaded my first batch of clients. I wasn’t that sure on how to use the system and now after your webinar I am excited to get started with my first e-mail. —Louis H.

Fall Travel for Senior Markets

8/29/12 | 31 minutes | Click to view
“Boomers” and senior travelers need your help this fall. You’re the expert, so help them!:

  • Senior travelers, like dear old Aunt Shirley, need your help!
  • Plans we recommend for them – we’ll run a quote or two!
  • Why you’re better than the competition
  • How to reach them with inexpensive, online marketing tips

The New Website

7/25/12 | 32 minutes | Click to view
Join us for a guided tour through the new website:

  • Site overview—where to find things!
  • Tool Box items: Forms Library and more
  • Plan highlights at a glance
  • Ask An Advisor/Get Appointed page
  • Bonus Marketing Tips: Crafting Your Email Message » Download Sample Email Messages

Social Media Marketing

6/27/12 | 52 minutes | Click to view
We discuss how to use social media networks to:

  • Find hundreds of sales opportunities every day
  • Find thousands of organizations needing your help
  • Stay in contact with your current clients
  • Encourage clients to refer your services

Your webinar today gave me some great ideas to capitalize on my Facebook and LinkedIn account. —David K.

Spring Cleaning: Product Update

5/30/12 | 29 minutes | Click to view

Advanced Marketing Tips

4/30/12 | 36 minutes | Click to view

Summer Travel Insurance for Groups and Individuals

3/28/12 | 23 minutes | Click to view

Health Essential

2/29/12 11 minutes | Click to view

Increasing International Business

1/25/12 | 25 minutes | Click to view


11/30/11 | 18 minutes | Click to view

Marketing Tips Part 2

10/26/11 | 31 minutes | Click to view

Prep for Fall Travel Season

9/7/11 | 27 minutes | Click to view

Summertime Success Stories

8/24/11 | 31 minutes | Click to view

Producer Zones

8/10/11 | 10 minutes | Click to view

Marketing Tips

7/27/11 | 39 minutes | Click to view

Global Citizen and Global Navigator

7/13/11 | 27 minutes | Click to view

HCC Life STM and Commission Review

6/29/11 | 16 minutes | Click to view

Travel Gap Series

6/15/11 | 14 minutes | Click to view

International Summer Travel Products

5/18/11 | 25 minutes | Click to view

Be aware! Policy changes can happen at any time.

The benefits and state availabilities of any of the plans discussed in our webinars are subject to change, and it is possible that the topics discussed in these webinars have become obsolete. If in doubt about what you see, please call a Broker Advisor at (800) 647-4589 or (480) 821-9052 or send us a message.