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Brokers and Agents are Saying…


I must say, Baylie has been fantastic to work with!

Suzanne Z. – Submitted 6/23/23

Thank you so much Suzanne! I’m so glad you got to get my product info and contacted me 💙

Francy W. – Submitted 5/22/23

You’re the best Graham! This is excellent news. I really appreciate your help and going to bat for me and my clients. Thank you!!!

Ken L. – Submitted 2/15/23

Baylie is an asset to your company. She replied to my inquiries within the same day. It is always a pleasure working with ISA.

Jaimee D. – Submitted 1/23/23

Thank you for all of your help over the years Graham!  We think the world of you and your staff!

Karla L. – Submitted 1/20/23

You’re awesome Graham.  Thanks so much for your help!

Randy C. – Submitted 11/10/22

Baylie is awesome, Graham.  She is always VERY helpful!

Stacy P. – Submitted 10/27/22

I just wanted to take a moment to share with you the great interactions I had with Mrs. Suzanne Munson who helped me navigate the maze of travel insurance and trip interruption/cancellation. Suzanne is a great asset to your company. She is a delight to talk to. Her knowledge, her professionalism and her swift response to my inquiries are highly appreciated.

Jaimee D. – Submitted 10/18/22

Yes, Suzanne is the best.

Donna J. – Submitted 10/18/22

First time user. Grateful coverage went unused, comforted knowing we had it. Easy to enroll. Thanks!

Alex I. – Submitted 10/13/22

Hi Graham. I just want to let you know that Suzanne did an excellent job in assisting me in helping my client get Travel Insurance! Thank you again Suzanne!

Cristina G. – Submitted 8/25/22

I work with Baylie, and she is really great! Very helpful!

Ron M. – Submitted 7/15/22

Graham I really appreciate our business relationship over the years. You and your staff have been extremely helpful to me and my clients. Thank you for all you have done.

Jim D. – Submitted 7/5/22

Graham, you guys do such a great job of keeping us informed. Thanks. Suzanne in Indiana is awesome to work with. She is always really quick to respond and most often answers the phone the first call.  Keep up the great work!

Jeff G. – Submitted 6/28/22

Thank you Graham. I look forward to working with you. Suzanne has been a great help to me. We sent out a blast for the plan in our monthly newsletter and already have some interest.

Jim G. – Submitted 5/10/22

Thank you, Graham, for the recent note and calculator.  ISA is “old school” which is actually a good thing!  You make brokers feel valued and important, which is a rare quality these days.

David S. – Submitted 5/10/22

Thank you for all of the quick responses and being on the ball.  It’s nice to work with you today and I hope to be sending you some business soon.

John H. – Submitted 5/3/22

Graham, all credit goes to Baylie, who is wonderful in finding the right international products for each client’s trip.  Without ISA I wouldn’t write any travel insurance at all!

Cathy M. – Submitted 4/5/22

Thanks, Graham, for the reminder. We already have my client enrolled in a new short-term effective 1/29/22. I always appreciate the excellent reminders, follow-up and outstanding service.

Jack W. – Submitted 1/6/22

Thank you Baylie. I liked how to the point and efficient you were with the webinar. Thank you for being so respectful of our time.

Jeri G – Submitted 12/16/21

Hi Graham. I just wanted to tell you that Suzanne Munson did an outstanding job of helping us write this GeoBlue policy.  She was so knowledgeable, patient (we had computer issues) and helpful.  The client was very impressed with her and we were so appreciative of her help!  Wonderful person to have on your staff!

Lisa B. – Submitted 10/15/21

You’re awesome Baylie. Thank you so much! You’re the best! I’m so impressed with the agent support through ISA. Grateful. Thank you!

Annie M. – Submitted 9/8/21

Wow, Suzanne!  You’re amazing and you know how to get things done/fixed at GeoBlue!!  🙂

I really appreciate it and thanks again for all your kind and fruitful assistance today!!

John S. – Submitted 8/31/21

Baylie was great on the webinar, and she always gets back to me ASAP when I have questions. She is a Rockstar!

Mike B . – Submitted 8/11/21

Baylie is a peach! She does a great job and will do anything for my office! Because of her service, she makes me look good! More from our BBB page!

Tom K. – Submitted 8/11/21

Graham thanks for your emails!  GeoBlue is our go-to travel plan and we are so glad we can offer it through you!  It’s a great plan and I usually include the video about the 2 trips when emailing clients. We very much appreciate your services! More from our BBB page!

Linda W – Submitted 6/16/21

Thank you for the recruiting and production efforts! Team ISA is doing a great job and we see and appreciate it. More from our BBB page!

Erik L – Submitted 5/17/21

Graham I quickly received the information and appointment paperwork yesterday, which I completed it and sent it back to her last evening. Thanks for your support!!  You guys are the greatest.  😄 More from our BBB page!

Holly W – Submitted 4/10/21

Suzanne did a great job in answering an agent regarding the market for our travel medical plans and he responded. This is one of the best responses I’ve ever received regarding these plans. Thanks so much. More from our BBB page!

Glen S. – Submitted 4/9/21

I was very impressed in dealing with Rachel in your office. She was just wonderful. More from our BBB page!

Charles P. – Submitted 2/23/21

You’re the best! More from our BBB page!

George P. – Submitted 2/9/21

Just wanted you to know that your very thoughtful gifts make my day each time I receive them.  Your appreciation is so nice to experience–even my group carriers don’t appreciate me like you do, and I’m not the bother with them, that I am with you because I do groups every day all day.  You need to know too, just how much I appreciate Baylie!  She goes above and beyond when it comes to advising and assisting me–I’m so happy to have the opportunity to work with her and ISA.  Thank you for all you do! More from our BBB page!

Myra W. – Submitted 1/21/21

I appreciate all of your help, and it speaks to the integrity of the company that you guys are always so ready and available to help. I am looking forward to working with your agency! More from our BBB page!

Mike B. – Submitted 11/17/20

Suzanne – Fantastic! Thanks for all of your help. You’re a life saver. More from our BBB page!

Grant M. – Submitted 9/10/20

As always, you are Super helpful! Thank you!! More from our BBB page!

Rose H. – Submitted 8/27/20

Baylie you have been so wonderful, so helpful.  Thank you very much for all you do for me.  I couldn’t have gotten these four applications in without your help.  You are always so willing to help any time I need it. More from our BBB page!

M Wood. – Submitted 6/25/20

I appreciate your support, info, & the variety of plan options to offer. You guys are the best a quick communication & contract turnaround time, as well as having unique plan to offer for specific coverage solutions. I’m really glad I found you & have the opportunity to work with you.

Sarah T. – Submitted 6/3/20

I enjoy working with ISA. Their products are hard to find anywhere else and the staff works with me so well that it makes my job easier.

David K. – Submitted 5/27/20

Thank you Mr. Bates I truly enjoy your Company and your staff they are great and very helpful. More from our BBB page!

Will M. – Submitted 5/20/20

Suzanne has been super helpful with information, servicing, and wisdom. More from our BBB page!

Warren W. – Submitted 4/16/20

Thanks again for ALL your help and patience! More from our BBB page!

John R. -Submitted 4/16/20

Graham – Baylie – I want you to know how grateful I am for all you do for me, helping me through all my many questions, sometimes duplicated, simply because I don’t use your products often enough to remember things every time I do.  Plus, I know things change rapidly in this industry.  I am so very thankful to have you as my resource for your products. More from our BBB page!

Myra W. – Submitted 11/26/19

I really appreciate your efforts Suzanne. Please let Baylie know as well. You gals are always so helpful and you are appreciated. More from our BBB page!

A. R. – Submitted 11/7/19

Thank you so much for your great service Baylie.  I have maybe 2 of these to write today and you made it happen.  Take the rest of the day off! More from our BBB page!

Dan N. – Submitted 10/13/19

Thanks for your quick replies and for being so helpful. More from our BBB page!

Kristi S. – Submitted 10/2/19

All went well this summer, no problems healthwise. I did have an emergency treatment last summer and the hospital in Germany took very good care of me and I was reimbursed for my out-of-pocket expenses per the plan. So, I am very happy with the insurance that I get each summer when I travel to Europe.

Kurt R. – Submitted 9/15/19

Insurance Services of America takes VERY good care of us.  Thank you, Suzanne, for all of your help on this deal!

Thomas K – Submitted 08/27/19

I want to give a special shout out to Baylie and let you know that I REALLY REALLY appreciated her work on Friday afternoon. It was at the end of the day – and she went above and beyond !!  To top it off, you may not know that after she sent out those VISA Letters, she called me to make sure that I had what I needed. Again, the extra touch that we find missing from a lot of organizations – BUT NOT YOURS! This client that she helped me with, while not the largest client I have, is certainly one of most well connected clients I have. The owner of the organization is a former director of the FBI and the firm likes for things to go right! Baylie made sure that they did on Friday when I could not get the Visa Letters to produce at all.

John M. – Submitted 08/27/19

Suzanne the information you sent to me was perfect and VERY well priced.  I sent it to the client and will touch base with her next week. Thank you for EVERYTHING!!

Thomas K. – Submitted 08/08/19

Thank you, Graham,! I really appreciate it! You guys are really the best.

Tiffany M. – Submitted 07/29/19

Paul was a great help in helping me with my client.

Barry C. – Submitted 06/03/19

Baylie you are such a pleasure to work with. Knowledgeable and with record response times!

Mindy P. – Submitted 05/24/19

Baylie you are the best. If there were more Baylie’s working companies would be better. Thank you for all your help.

Brett B. – Submitted 04/25/19

Suzanne has been super supportive!!!. More from our BBB page

Warren W.- Submitted 04/10/19

Baylie thank you so very much – you are fantastic.  I called the pre-certification # and was told my client was already pre-certified and a case had been opened for him. All they would need in the future was his discharge date.  I appreciate your claims help and the great service you provide.  You are the BEST. More from our BBB page

Bill M.- Submitted 04/10/19

Just a quick note to tell you how wonderful Baylie is to deal with.  You have a real asset with her.  She is gracious and bright.  She either answers my questions or finds out the answer and gets back to me.  She always does what she says she will do.  I have had a couple of occasions to call upon her and she never lets me down! Thank you.

More from our BBB page

Debra E.- Submitted 3/5/19

Thank you! I swear, Graham must have all the best reps working for him! More from our BBB page

Myra W.- Submitted 11/16/18

Suzanne thanks for all of your help with this. It is apparent that you are very knowledgeable regarding policies and travel abroad. More from our BBB page

Laura- Submitted 10/10/18

Graham. Thanks for the follow up. Nobody does that better than you do! I have gotten connected with Suzanne Munson who is just about an hour from me and she has been very helpful. Alyssa has helped me immensely too. You have a great staff and I can tell you they all speak extremely highly of you. Keep up the great work! More from our BBB page

Jeff G.- Submitted 10/3/18

Thanks Graham. Your agency and staff are absolutely super! More from our BBB page

Barry S.- Submitted 9/12/18

Suzanne was great, and I was so surprised that she started a chat before 8 my time (I work EDT from the west coast). I had looked two brokerages and yours responded immediately the first day (I thought I would not get travel insurance that day). I didn’t get information from the other until the next day when I decided to get insurance but chose Suzanne because of the way she engaged with me the first time. More from our BBB page

Vera S.- Submitted 8/24/18

Rachel was awesome to work with and handled all of our needs quickly and professionally. More from our BBB page

Terry B.- Submitted 8/14/18

Baylie, thank you to you and to your wonderful team at ISA. I am so lucky to have you servicing my agency. More from our BBB page

Dee Dee B.- Submitted 8/3/18

Appreciate you staying on top of this Suzanne. You are excellent at what you do!

More from our BBB page

Rebecca C.- Submitted 8/1/18

Yay! Suzanne you always take such good care of me – thanks so much!
More from our BBB page

MIMS Insurance- Submitted 7/18/18

Suzanne was a pleasure to work with and was very knowledgeable and helpful.
More from our BBB page

Sherry N.- Submitted 6/22/18

Suzanne was great. Efficient and effective, two great adjectives.
More from our BBB page

Derek W.- Submitted 6/22/18

Thanks for following up with me! I definitely appreciate all of your assistance with this. You people at ISA are fantastic to work with!
More from our BBB page

Debbie J.- Submitted 6/22/18

I worked with an excellent representative. Suzanne walked me through the process, gave me advice and even accommodated me when our travelers changed. I recommend them and will definitely use them again when looking for traveler’s insurance.More from our BBB page

Katheryn A.- Submitted 6/18/18

Baylie, just wanted to tell you thanks again for your help today. You are always a pleasure to deal with and your customer service skills are outstanding!More from our BBB page

Troy C.- Submitted 6/15/18

Suzanne, you have been helpful, and it is a rarity to converse with someone directly. I will definitely recommend your site to my friends and family.More from our BBB page

Adrianna H.- Submitted 5/14/18

Your service is absolutely amazing!!More from our BBB page

Kathy C.- Submitted 5/9/18

Baylie you are awesome. Thank you so much. You are always such a joy to work with.
More from our BBB page

Bill M.- Submitted 4/23/18

OK Baylie – thanks. And … you and ISA are a pleasure to work with. You are always so quick with your answers and responses. More from our BBB page

George H. – Submitted 4/18/18

Thanks Alyssa. You’re the BEST!!!!!!!! I love working with you and appreciate all time you spend coaching me on all the products. More from our BBB page

Jackie G – Submitted 3/22/18

Graham, in light of the fact that we have been doing business together now for over 25 years I thought it fitting that I should let you know that I will be retiring at the end of April 2018. Your service has always excellent and I want you to know that you have been a very valuable resource for me. Thanks, and best wishes to you for your continued success! More from our BBB page

D. H. – Submitted 2/19/18

Alyssa, thank you for making our job easier because you are so awesome! More from our BBB page

Susan P. – Submitted 1/31/18

You are awesome Suzanne! Thank you! I just sent a text to my agent who I have known for years and told him how great you were and so quick to get back with me!
More from our BBB page

Benjamin W. – Submitted 1/11/18

I really think the Azimuth Risk Solutions products are so far above the competition in what they cover and super competitive pricing levels. We are excited to offer this line of products here in Costa Rica on the Internet. Love how they do it not online along with only 8 hours to issue a policy. They are all about doing it right.

Suzanne at Insurance Services of America has been as we say here in Costa Rica PURA VIDA, a true Asset to work with….Grateful!

Mil Gracias and we will be sending more Business to help more families.


Thanks, Baylie! I appreciate your help. I’ve been telling Lynn and the rest of the staff here what a great experience I’ve had with ISA Brokers.

Your firm rocks!

Troy C.

Great, this one looks like the better option for our clients! Thanks for your help – as always. It’s so nice to have your help finding coverage options.

Christine M.

Just so you know, Alyssa is absolutely amazing!

Stacey W.

Alyssa made sure I was contracted on this product quite a while ago……she is great!!

Karen P.

I love Insurance Services of America.

Dee Dee B.

Alyssa, your persistence proves that when most agent representatives would get frustrated, YOU kept on it until we got the problem solved. So important to us agents. Thanks again Alyssa!

Jim B.

Good morning Graham:  I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate your staff and the way they take care of me when I call.  We don’t do much business with you guys, but when we do they treat us like we are your best agent.  They are truly assets to your operation.  Happy New Year!!!  John

John F.

From an agent’s perspective, Insurance Services of America is a lifesaver when I need to place a travel medical policy or short-term medical policy for U.S. citizens. It doesn’t matter who you talk to at the brokerage: Graham, Adam or Alyssa. You always get quick and superior service. I’ve been working with them for at least 10 years. I highly recommend this company.

Joe R.

I have really enjoyed working with this organization for the last 5+years! The staff members are knowledgeable and always best over backwards to help! I can not recommend them enough!

Barry S.

Thank-you so much for always being on the cutting edge, with great reliable products, helping us in every way possible to satisfy our clients. It has been a great pleasure to work with you for over 15 years, and usually only one phone call brings instant results. Never have to leave a message; no other company even comes close to yours!

Gloria B.

ISA has been an incredible resource in helping my clients in the STM and International market. It’s always a pleasure to speak with you, and I look forward to the opportunity to work ISA on other programs!

Andre G.

Thanks so much Graham. You have proven to me AGAIN your extra fine service. I do appreciate it as an agent.

Jim B.

I just wanted to let you know that Alyssa has stood on her head to help me…. Your customer service and agent support is fantastic, and as I grow my business, I’m going to continue to send it your way. Also, I appreciate your webinars each month…. Hat’s off to your fine staff and their friendly, efficient service!

Glenn C.

The knowledgeable staff of Insurance Services of America provide me with the utmost service, fast, efficient and extremely important to my business. They are courteous, and anxious to help me succeed! I rely on their ability to find the right product for my client at the time it is needed. They communicate with me on a regular basis to determine how they can help. I am the beneficiary of their training in new areas for my business. I highly recommend their services and their personnel. Graham and the entire staff gets my vote of confidence.
More from our BBB page

Pamela W.

Thank you! I wish more agents were familiar with your products! It works well and the service is great!

Barry S.

I must commend Amy Sullivan in the strongest way….She helped with a very sticky situation with Seven Corners, was totally “on the ball” and sorted it all out. She is great and I’m sure you know that, but you need to hear it from the agents! As always, a pleasure to do business with you.

Gloria B.

When we offer short-term medical insurance to our clients, the HCC Life STM is the only plan we offer. My husband and I have used the plan as well and find great comfort in having it.

Shell P.

We have had the pleasure of ISA’s products and services for our clients for about 10 years now. Graham provides us with excellent customer service. They have a plethora of insurance solutions available—many international plans, travel plans, short term insurance coverages for multi-state needs—some they are single source for, and their non-USA resident plans are unique and at very competitive prices. Equally important (maybe even more important), through the years as claims have come in (some sizable) I am proud and pleased to say the claims payment process is as good as the sales process with ISA. Excellent product knowledge, excellent sales support, and excellent claims handling.
More from our BBB page

Dee Dee B.

I was never convinced nor seriously considered selling your insurance products until I received your e-mail today… We all agreed that you are a very warm, caring person and that you have a dedicated staff. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent on my behalf. You made it easier for me to sign in and be a dedicated producer. As an official Notary Public for two Consulates, the insurance products offered by your company would increase our income tremendously. Through you, I am convinced that doing business with you will be very pleasant and promising.

Patria C.

Only company I work with regarding International Rugby tours.

Kevin S.

We at EKG Insurance & Financial Services would like to highly recommend Insurance Services of America as one of the best and most helpful insurance agencies we have used over the last 30 years. It is our honor to be able to work with people of their caliber.

Allan K.

I’ve written Atlas policies for guys in Virginia, West Virginia, and Florida. It’s pretty neat that this can be done around the country…and around the world.

Glenn C.

Responsive, knowledgeable and efficient…What more can an agent want.

Michael S.

The staff at ISA are great. As an agent I call them with all my questions about the products I used from their portfolio. They are always there to answer my call and on the off chance that I missed them I will get a returned phone call within a day or less. I love working with Insurance Services of America and know I will be selling a great product as well.
More from our BBB page

Aaron P.

Yes, this is amazing. Love the quick service on a travel policy and, of course, the insured wishes to receive his policy pronto. Thanks for prompt service and look forward to receiving brochures and apps for more policies.

Mona R.

It has recently been brought to my attention that you do, in fact, rock.

Aaron P.