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A Surprising Alternative for Those Who Might Refuse ObamaCare!!

A Surprising Alternative for Those Who Might Refuse ObamaCare!! Featured Image

A Surprising Alternative for Those Who Might Refuse ObamaCare!!


Then they elected to put in a penalty (or is it a tax? – hold on – now they are calling it a fee) for being uninsured to try to “encourage” people to get in the system and stay in. But the penalties are much less than the cost of coverage, especially in the first few years. Even then as it stands right now, the IRS has no authority to go after someone’s assets or wages in order to collect the penalty (or tax or fee). It only has the authority to deduct the penalty from a person’s tax refund at year’s end.

But just because millions of Americans may refuse to get ObamaCare qualified coverage doesn’t mean they will be uninsured. There are other options for 2014 that could very well be the answer for the ObamaCare avoiders. A great option is to purchase one of our low cost – simplified issue short-term medical plans. No the short-term major medical business has not been “killed” by ObamaCare but is very much alive and will do very well.

A short-term plan is very similar to a standard major medical plan but for a shorter period of time (depending on the state and plan up to 364 days). It is so cheap compared to ObamaCare – its simplified issue (coverage can be effective within 24 hours for those who qualify). Plus, if somewhere along the way a person develops a new serious health condition, then it might make sense to enroll in ObamaCare in order to get coverage for pre-existing conditions.

For those who enjoy the low price of a short-term may even qualify for a 2nd or 3rd plan (rewrite). ISA can also provide to you your own personalized quote/apply links for instant issue. Yes our websites ARE working just fine!

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