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Short Term Medical Plans are a Viable Option Thumbnail

Short Term Medical Plans are a Viable Option

Due to the health care reform regulations brought on by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), some carries are leaving the short-term medical market. However, Allied sees this as an opportunity, and we think short-term sales will grow dramatically starting in 2014. The main barrier to insurance coverage for most people is affordability. Traditional individual coverage will be increasingly expensive and unaffordable under the new ObamaCare regulations, especially for young people. Short-term products can provide a viable alternative for many and allow them to afford coverage that they might not otherwise be able to find.


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Why Hospital Charges Vary So Much Thumbnail

Why Hospital Charges Vary So Much

No one should be surprised that hospital charges vary wildly, even within the same city. Prices likely vary within the same hospital, depending on who is paying. This is pure capitalism in a setting where sellers have market power: the seller maximizes profit by charging each buyer as much as he can pay, whatever the service actually costs.

Making these sticker prices public will change nothing; most people will have to go to the hospital in the network, the one that gave their insurer a “discount” that still guarantees the hospital a healthy profit. We all pay in premiums.


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